I remember being a kid and thinking my parents were giants. Nothing could touch them, no matter what. I had the utmost confidence in them and myself. I'm not saying that confidence has waivered at all but as you get older you learn the ways of life. 

My parents sat my brother Chase and I down one night when I was about 14. They explained to us what HD was, our family history, and how it killed my grandmother. They proceeded to explain what "genetic" meant and that my mom had tested positive for the HD gene. They knew for years of course but were just telling us now. They said that both Chase and I have a 50% chance of having this gene... My memory tends to block out heavy shit, so I don't remember exact details. I remember having a sort of "whatever" attitude about it, at the time.

Years have passed and I've come to learn a lot about love, life, and HD. My mom is now 55 years old and showing minimal symptoms, which doctors never really thought would happen. Of course, myself, Chase, and my dad can see that HD lives inside of her but if you met her today, you would have no idea. The main reason she is doing so well was the lifestyle change she made about 18 years ago. She is living proof that a healthy, balanced life of love can overcome genetics.

I will be 100% honest, 10 years ago I thought she would be in a wheelchair by now. Her strength and determination is out of this world and inspires me everyday. Now there's a chance to dance with her on my wedding day, now it's possible she lives long enough to meet her grandkids. Things that every boy dreams of, I didn't at one point. But thanks to HDSA, donations, and the universal source of love I am proud to say my mom is killing it. It's a battle for her everyday to wakeup and face this disease and she does that for me, and for my brother. So let's do this for her and for all others battling this disease.

Any donation amount helps! Scientific breakthroughs happen everyday and awareness increases every second. Please share this with any and all people. There is hope!

Thank you for your support!


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