This year we walk in memory of our cousin Timmy Morgan who passed away a year ago this September. Along with every other year we walk for our Grandfather Frank, aunts and uncles Mark, Bonnie, Johanna, Cynthia, Paula and Tommy who have passed from HD, our aunts Colleen and Kate who are still fighting the HD fight and our cousins who are starting to be affected with HD. 

Our Grandmother Kathleen Boothby was a woman like no other. She cared for her husband as he battled HD and then everyone of her children who inherited Huntingtons Disease, 8 of 11 of them!! My mother being the oldest and not have inherited the gene, she from the day my grandfather became sick stepped up to stand side by side to help my grandmother every step of the way. I not only walk for my family suffering from Huntingtons Disease but I walk for these two woman, if it wasn't for them their family would have been lost without 2 rocks to support and take care of them! The 2 who taught us Family Is Everything 💙💙


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