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Harriet passed away on April 8, 2018 in Del Mar, California.  As everyone would agree, Harriet had was an incredibly friendly and outgoing person that exuded positive energy, even in the face of being affected by Huntington's disease.

She drew great strength from the local San Diego Chapter of the Huntington's Society of America and looked forward to each monthly support group meeting. I also learned a great deal from these meeting and that helped me learn ways to help take care of Harriet.

Although Harriet was involved in several other charities including tutoring children at Casa de Amistad and helping children in need at Voices for Children, I think she would have wanted to have donations in her memory made to the San Diego chapter.  There are many scientific advances and breakthroughs that are hopefully coming down the road in the next few years, but in the meanwhile many families continue to struggle with this difficult illness right now and will do so in the years ahead.  

If you would like to make a small donation in her name, I am sure she would be grateful, as would I.  Any amount counts, dont worry about the campaign goal, I had to put something.

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