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The best way to tell our Huntington's Disease story is to share the video the HDSA made about our family almost a year ago. 

I'm grateful to have that video, because Richard could not make it today - he continues on a slow decline, and his speech and movements have become much worse.  But his sense of humor, easy going, uncomplaining personality and love of movies and comics is still very much intact. 

There's some extremely hopeful research on treatments to delay or even stop the onset of Huntington's Disease.  I feel much better about Grant and Geoffrey's chances of living long healthy lives.  Our family volunteers for any appropriate research opportunities

The HDSA plays a huge role in support and research. I want to do whatever I can to help fund their efforts. I know I ask every year, and you get approached for contributions to many good causes.  I appreciate whatever you can donate, $5 to $5,000.

Just click on the link to donate online, or send me a check made out the Huntington's Disease Society of America.

Thank you wonderful friends!

Much Love,



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