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This year we walk in remembrance of Jim.  We honor his memory with love and miss him very much.

We also walk for the future.  The future that all family members of HD face.  We have a bright outlook because of the wonderful research taking place.  However, we are deeply troubled by the knowledge that this terminal disease is genetic.  As, most of you already know, all children and grandchildren of an HD patient have a 50/50 risk of having the HD gene.  All children and grandchildren of an HD patient have a 50/50 risk of developing the devastating symptoms. 

So we continue to ask for your support, as we have so strongly felt and relied upon these past years.  Your donations have helped finance the promising, developing research.*  Your love and prayers have given us strength to be hopeful and enriched.

We are truly blessed.  Thank you!!

Jan, Jackie, Chris, Jeanette, Jeff, Dean, Carson, Diego, Dax, and Abby

*To quote a recent news article from a PA news interview: 

"A finding by researcher Amber Southwell at the University of Central Florida is giving them hope.  Ionis Pharmaceuticals synthesized pieces of DNA, called ASOs, and Southwell injected that into the brains of mice."  "With the suppression of the mutant Huntington in mice and neurons in a dish...'We're able to either prevent the onset of symptoms or actually restore normal functions, if we start treatment after symptoms have begun, Southwell explained.'  Chances for longer and better quality of life, that's not a cure, but it's a damn good start, for sure."


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