Hello friends,

As you are aware my Mother suffers from Huntington's Disease, my sister Dawn carries the gene that causes HD and my nieces, Greta and Stella, live at risk for HD.  My Mother's condition slowly worsens, however we are lucky that her disease is progressing at a slow pace.  

But HD affects the entire family and I would like to tell you a little how my Mother's disease impacts my Dad.  My parents both turn 80 this year and while they had planned to be golfing, gardening and traveling in their retirement years neither is able to do so.  Mom because she physically can't and Dad because he has become my Mom's caretaker.  She doesn't need help yet with activities of daily living - things like bathing, dressing, getting out of a chair, etc.  But she does need to be reminded to take her medicine, to have someone organize her schedule, someone to be around in case she falls and many other things.  My Dad now does all of this and more for my Mom.  My Mother still likes to sew, but it now requires my Father to help here.  I don't think it is one of my Father's favorite things to do.  I am amazed by all that my Dad does for my Mom and he does it without complaining and saying 'why me'.  

Team Hope Walk is a fundraiser for the Huntington's Disease Society of America (HDSA).  Not only does HDSA support research they also provide a tremendous number of resources to caregivers like my Dad.  Please help us and support HDSA by making a donation by clicking the 'Support Me' button found on this page.

Thanks in advance for your support,

Hank Ehrsam 


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