Dear Family and Friends,

For the past eight years my family and I have participated in The Huntington’s Disease Walk, and this year on September 9th I will continue to walk for my Aunt Stacey,Uncle Hughie, and numerous cousins. I thank all of you who have supported us in the past and hope that I can count on you again this year.

Huntington’s disease is a fatal neurological genetic disorder that progressively breaks down the nerve cells. This creates a horrific impact of a person’s functional capabilities such as movement, thinking, and other psychiatric disorders. I am fortunate that neither my father, myself, nor any of my other siblings have this disease but, I cannot say the same for my dad’s cousins, sister, and brother.

My Aunt Stacey was diagnosed with Huntington’s disease between 2005-2006. At the time of her diagnosis Stacey was a pediatrician, a job which she spent most of her life working towards. However due to her symptoms such as an impaired gait and speech, she was forced to give up her practice. Today, Stacey is receiving care from the Terrence Cardinal Cooke Center, a hospital which specializes in Huntington’s disease Care. Unfortunately in recent years Stacey has become increasingly incoherent and bedridden. She currently receives many different kinds of therapy, but none strong enough to stop the progression of the disease. Although she is no longer capable of verbally conveying her message of love, hope, and encouragement to other Huntington’s disease patients: I can.

My Uncle Hughie also has Huntington’s disease and is currently a resident at the Terrence Cardinal Cooke Center. My Uncle and I both share a love of fishing and baseball, especially the Mets.

I am walking for my Aunt Stacey, Uncle Hughie, and for all of those who can’t walk for themselves. This year I am walking with my football team, as Mepham Football Tackles HD, we hope to raise $5,000. Additionally, it is my personal goal to raise $1,500, following in the inspiring footsteps of my sister Kelsey. I hope that you can make a contribution; the money that you donate will go towards finding a cure for this horrific disease. Also feel free to join my team and I at the walk which is Sunday, September 9th at 10:00 am at Belmont Lake State Park.


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