This year marks the 12th anniversary since Roger's HD diagnosis. Roger no longer drives, He Doesn't play his drums and he rarely leaves the hoUse. his balance is off and his short term memory is dissipating. He chews slower and eats less.  He Trips a lot and falls more.   He wakes up early, goes to bed  earlier and needs a nap more often . Our vacations are now limited to warm Oregon days and only places we can drive to.  Last year he determined he could no longer fly. He doesn't like crowds or being out of his comfort zone.  He continues to try and fight every day, but also realizes that he is getting sicker.  We were unable to find a cure before his brother Mark died; I hope we can find one before his brother Jim and roger do. I have no idEa how his mom gets by everyday, Losing her husband to this awful disease and all 3 of her sons having it, But she knows I will fight for a cure until one is found.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my families annual fundraising for the Huntington's Disease walk. My dad has Huntington's Disease and my family will never give up hope for a cure. My dad is one of the most special people in my life, he brings a smile to my face every time I see him. He, like others who have HD, is surviving everyday when just putting his shoes on or getting off the bed is a chore. I truly believe he is living his good and bad days for those of us who love him and want him around everyday. He knows what HD is taking from him and everyone else who has the disease but he pushes on, most days with a smile on his face. We are grateful for every big and little moment he is around to be part of. This year brings a special celebration because he and my mom will have been married 20 years in August. In a perfect world he would be around to celebrate their 40 years of marriage, but what we know about HD is that it has a plan of its own. All we can do is continue to have hope and raise money for the research that is being done to create medications for and hopefully one day a cure for the disease that is slowly taking my dad from me. I would literally do anything to make a cure happen in his lifetime. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration of a donation that goes to the Huntington's Disease Society of America. There are simply no words to fully describe the gratitude my family feels from your support.

Love Candice, Cody, Kim & family.

To learn more about Huntington’s disease and the work of the Huntington’s Disease Society of America, visit or call 1-800-345-HDSA.

Please register to walk with me and help make a difference! If you cannot walk with me, please consider making a donation to my personal fundraising page by clicking the ‘Donate’ button at the top of this page. 

Thank you for your support!



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