Hi!  My name is Erin Pryce, and I have Huntington's Disease.  I don't have symptoms yet, but I will someday.  This is a picture of me from last year's HDSA Team Hope Walk with my prize for raising the most money.  Please consider helping me do that again because I really love donuts.  

I'm hoping to be the last member of my family who will have to deal with the disease.  It's particularly devastating because it gets passed through the generations with a 50% chance of inheritance.  You have to deal with your parent getting sick during their prime years, you have to deal with whether or not you and your siblings could have it, and you have to worry about passing it on to future generations.  The Huntington's Disease Society of America raises money for research, but also to help families who have a parent who won't be able to work for as long as they should.  I'm sure they have quite a fight on their hands right now to protect people with pre-existing conditions from having unsustainably expensive health insurance coverage.  Please consider donating or joining me for a walk to raise awareness.


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