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These are three of the reasons we continue to ask for your continued support!  These little boys' lives have been touched by Huntington's Disease.  They are growing up seeing Papa struggle to walk, talk, eat, and remember.  Sometimes it's even hard for him to snuggle or give a hug.  But they always feel his love and show their love for him.  

What we want is a cure!  They live with the possibility of seeing their mom or aunt have these same struggles. They live with the possibility of having this debilitating gene already in their DNA. We need a cure!!

Please take a moment to consider a donation to support the research to bring this cure to reality.  As always, we appreciate your love and prayers, which we feel so strongly every day. We know we have so many blessings and are so thankful! Those three little boys are a big part of those blessings!


Jim and Jan Skewes, Chris, Jackie, Dean, Diego, and Dax Vasquez, Jeff, Jeanette, and Carson Young




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