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Pump for the Cure of Huntington's Disease

In the face of an (as yet) incurable disease, we want to honor those affected by Huntington’s Disease and their caregivers.  It is a hard road for both groups. An everyday grind. 365. This year Luca (now 13) and Kalev (now 10) want to support Grandma Sandy by Pumping for the Cure EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Our family will all do one pull up on January 1, 2016. Then two push ups on January 2 and three squats on January 3rd.  This circle of love will continue until December 31, 2016. A total of 66,795 individual actions in honor and support of HDSA.  The four of us will therefore create 267,180 actions.  We want our community to throw in too.  Could you join us for a month? We would like our total number to reach over 3 million. That is about 100 push ups, pull ups or squats for every person living with Huntington’s Disease. Every dollar is an action and every move is a prayer.  Join us by giving and we will send you our YouTube video updates.  We would love to see you as you participate.  Like our facebook page and post your comments, photos and videos for the whole community.  We get stronger together.  Sometimes we help each other the most by reminding our community we are all in this together.  We do what we can to make life easier for each other.  Lend an ear, cook a meal, or donate give to the cure. We will honor those in the fight with a moving meditation.  Last year we rode our bikes 600 miles and Crank for the Cure brought the community together and funded a step forward in the research for the cure. We want Pump for the Cure to be WITH all of you.  This year we are keeping it close to home.  Because it’s all about family. And we are proud to be a part of yours. 365


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Karina, Christien, Luca, Kalev and Zoe the dog.


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