2015 Snowflake of Hope

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No one thinks of a single snowflake as something powerful, of course, but we all know a blizzard’s strength! And that’s the energy you and thousands of other supporters across the country will unleash when you join our exciting 10th Annual Snowflake Campaign!

The mightiest storm starts with a single snowflake, and that’s why I hope you’ll add yours to our online Holiday Tree of Help and Hope here at the Huntington’s Disease Society of America.

Think what that show of support will mean to families hurting from Huntington’s disease, who need to know that they are never alone in this fight. Your message of hope, echoed by so many others, will act as a powerful sign that we’re in this together – as one HD family!

And there’s more. Your gift this holiday season will stir up a flurry of renewed strength aimed at what all of us want most – a cure that will bury this disease, once and for all!

Your support will help us build the momentum needed to carry on the fight against Huntington’s disease, doing all we can to support HD families, while continuing to pursue the breakthroughs and discoveries that will lead us to a cure.

Thank you for being part of our HDSA family as you create help and hope by entering your virtual snowflake message in the comment section below with your holiday gift today!

With Gratitude, Hope & Wishes for a Healthy New Year.