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Skating for a Cure!

My name is Steven Feigenbaum, and I am originally from New Jersey, USA. In the Summer of 2019, I inline skated 1,000+ miles (1,600+ KMs) across Europe in order to raise money and awareness towards a cure for Huntington’s Disease. I skated on the famous “Eurovelo 6” cycling route through 6 countries: France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. This was my second long-distance skating trek in support of a cure for HD—in 2010, I skated ocean-to-ocean across America (2,917 miles /4,694 KMs) from Florida to California, raising thousands of dollars along the way.



What is Huntington’s Disease?
HD is a fatal genetic disorder that causes the progressive breakdown of nerve cells in the brain. It severely deteriorates a person's physical and mental abilities, usually during their prime working years. Many sufferers describe the symptoms of HD as having Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and ALS (“Lou Gehrig’s Disease”) simultaneously

My Family’s HD Story
My beloved Aunt Brenda was diagnosed with HD in 1995. Like so many other “HD families” in the same unfortunate position, mine worked lovingly and tirelessly to care for her. The disease not only affected Aunt Brenda, but also took its toll on every member of my family, as we were all firsthand witnesses to her slow and painful decline.

Sadly, Aunt Brenda passed away due to complications from HD in 2005. My family misses her terribly, as do her friends and the countless people she touched during her life—a life cut too short. Agonizingly, her death may not be the end of our family’s fight against this cruel disease—because HD is genetic, my lovely cousin Kristen (Aunt Brenda’s daughter) has a 50% chance of acquiring it.

Aunt Brenda was like a mother to me, and Kristen is like a sister. Therefore, I skate both in honor and in memory……in honor of those who have HD or who are at risk, and in memory of Aunt Brenda and all others who have ultimately succumbed to this awful affliction.

A Request from Me to You

Now that I have successfully completed my grueling skating journey, I would like to ask for your generous help in support of my fundraiser. Your donation brings us that much closer to the day in which this deadly disease will no longer take its toll on our loved ones. 100% of your donation goes towards research for a cure, and of course, no donation is too big or too small! 
How much will you donate today?


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