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Paddle for Huntington's Disease

Proceeds from this paddle support the Missouri Chapter's HDSA Research, Education & Advocacy Efforts!

A lot of you followed my last two races, 340 miles on the Missouri River, in a canoe, with my friend Jason. The MR 340.  Well it’s time to do it again, but I’m changing things up quite a bit this year. I’m flying solo on a stand-up paddle board (SUP) this time, and I’m raising money for a cause that’s hugely important to me. 
Huntington’s disease is a cruel disease with endless, gruesome symptoms. It’s tragic, and awful that anyone should suffer this plight. This link can do a better job explaining than I, and I hope you read to understand how important this is:  
A wonderful friend of mine has watched her loved ones suffer through this genetic, currently incurable, disease. It has robbed their family of so many of the beautiful things in life. It’s 2019, and time for a change. As with many diseases, we have brilliant minds in our country working diligently to find cures, but there’s never enough money to get it done. I’m trying to take a little piece of the burden of fundraising in to my own hands.  
You can follow the race and get updates here. I have 88 hours to paddle 340 miles, from Kansas City to St. Charles.  It’s grueling. Every year, rowers and paddlers who have had previous successes end up with a DNF (did not finish) status. There are a lot of factors that can affect the race and keep competitors from finishing. I promise to try to give you all a good showing, because this year is so different. I’m asking for more than just cheerleaders. (Although, please cheer me on. I’ll need it!)
I’m asking for you to support the Huntington's Disease Society of America! My family is fortunate enough to not suffer from the disease itself, but as you can see, it’s reared it’s ugly head in to our lives as we watch our friend’s family suffer. Thanks for your time,
and support. 


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