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The Huntington’s Disease Society of America (HDSA) believes Family is Everything. Which is why we work tirelessly to be by you and your families’ side every step of this journey. Whether it’s offering support groups for patients and caregivers, funding research to find true impact in our understanding of HD, or even providing a fun environment for you to connect with other families. This is done through our incredible volunteer-led Chapters & Affiliates to which the Upper Midwest Region is proud to be represented by Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota. Together, we serve thousands of Midwesterners annually. 

Over the last few months since joining the HD community, I have had the joy of meeting some of you who work tirelessly together to support the HDSA community. From hearing the stories of perseverance, hope, and passion, to witnessing how family is so much more than just those we share blood or a name with but extends to the community at large who stands with us when the going gets tough. Recently I was honored to meet Darcy, a new volunteer to HDSA, and I am thrilled she wanted to share her story with you, to raise more awareness for HD. You can read her story here.

Her story, much like yours I’m sure, is one full of determination, grief and through it all, hope. Our stories have the power to spread awareness about HD and HDSA in this world and this year more than ever, people are talking about HD, even the Pope is talking about HD!So #Let’sTalkAboutHD, but let’s also take action. Help ensure those impacted by HD never feel lost by making your tax-deductible gift to HDSA to support our communities in the Upper Midwest Region today. No matter the size of your gift, your donation is an investment in the impact HDSA has in our growing community. We know the difference just one person can make in the world, but what could we do if we joined forces this month as we refuse to let this horrible disease keep us silent or feeling defeated? Your gift enables us to reach more families, grow our services for our entire community, and invest in research to help those with HD now and for generations to come.

 Your gift is providing Help for Today and Hope for Tomorrow! We can’t fight this without you. Thank you for your continued support!



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