Plan A Team Hope Walk

Don’t have a Team Hope Walk near you? Then let's get one started! It is the goal of HDSA to have a Team Hope Walk in every town and city across the United States, and to do that, we need your help!

Below are some preliminary steps you can take to coordinate a Team Hope Walk in your local community:

  • Email the Team Hope Walks Manager of your intent to hold a Team Hope Walk in your local community at least eight to ten months before your desired walk date. The Team Hope Walk Manager and Field Staff will help you every step of the way, including securing your venue and date.
  • Upon notifying HDSA of your intent to hold a Team Hope Walk, you will be given a Team Hope Walk Interest Packet to review.
  • Recruit a Walk Committee to help you and share the work load. The Committee should consist of volunteers in your area who wish to work with you on this walk. A strong Committee consists of someone in charge of the following areas:
    • Logistics & Volunteers
    • Sponsorships
    • Participant & Team Recruitment
    • Marketing & Communications
  • Select people who are well connected and well suited for a particular committee position. For example, it may be prudent to select a graphic designer who wants to volunteer to be the committee member in charge of marketing.
  • Select a tentative (though firm is welcome!) walk date and venue. Contact your desired venue to confirm the date you want is available and to familiarize yourself with the application and permitting process. When selecting a walk date, please keep in mind that you will need at least eight months to plan a successful Team Hope Walk.
  • Fill out the Team Hope Walk Information & Agreement Form and email it to the Team Hope Walks Manager.
  • Once HDSA receives your information and agreement form, we will create a walk website for you. You can then begin finalizing your walk logistics, soliciting sponsors, and recruiting participants.

Contact us if you want to start a Team Hope Walk in your community. For more information on how to get started, please email the Team Hope Walks Manager at

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